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Our instructional staff have an unrivalled background in simulator training



We have been conducting simulator training courses for over twenty years and our instructional staff have an unrivalled background in simulator training and testing.
Almost every simulator-qualified inspector in the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority and in the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand has completed one of our training courses, and we are the organisation of choice selected to train simulator-qualified personnel for the three branches of the Australian Defence Force.
Domestic and international carriers also send staff to undergo training with us.



We currently offer two established courses:
• Introduction to Flight Simulators is a two-day course intended for persons with limited or no previous exposure to modern flight simulators. (On demand – so contact)

• Flight Simulator Evaluation is a seven-day course meeting the requirements of the Australian CASA for persons who require formal qualification in simulator testing and evaluation. (click to schedule)



Alternatively, we can provide a customised training course on your premises using your simulators, to meet your specific training needs. We would be happy to discuss possibilities with you, obligation-free.
In addition to flight simulator services, we offer general consultancy services for aviation training, particularly for heavy aircraft.
We have staff qualified on a number of heavy aircraft up to and including the B747-400 and A330.  We also have staff experienced on a range of helicopter types.


“Critically important and very useful.” Damien RAAF


"Excellent course, well balanced, thorough and valuable."  Joel RAAF

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