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Simulinc staff have experience with flight simulators and flight simulator standards going back over 30 years. Staff have authored Australian simulator standards documents, served as delegates to the International Working Group which drafted the ICAO MCQFS and to the working group which formulated Australian’s most recent flight simulator standards (Manual of Standards Part 60) as well as lecturing at UNSW on aircraft simulation. They not only understand the latest publications from ICAO, EASA and the FAA, they understand the background and debates which shaped them. Simulinc’s experience makes it well positioned to inform and advice on simulator standards and requirements at both International and National Levels.

Some of the organisations that have used our services are Australian Civil Aviation Authority, Australian Department of Defence, New Zealand Defence Force, Canadian Department of National Defence, Science and Technology Organisation, Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia, Thales, CAE, Civil Aviation PNG, Austrian Airlines, The Boeing Company, Raytheon, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia.


Says of the instructors:  “Very experienced, knowledgeable. Pitched at the appropriate level”
Says of the course:  “Enjoyable and relevant, understanding the process, making the process more meaningful”

Mick from Raytheon

“This course was an absolute requirement prior to evaluating the Canadian FTD. Very happy to have attended”
“Fantastic course, exactly what we were looking for.”
Of the instructors:  “Obvious command of the legislation and simulator details. Good instructional technique.”

Members of Candian Defence

Says of the exercises and worksheets:  “Critically important and very useful.”

Damien from RAAF

Says of the instructors: “Experience in the field really does make this course what it is.”

Adam from Raytheon

Says of the instructors: “Well done, good instruction.”
Says of the syllabus: “Good coverage.”

Alex from RAAF

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